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 18 / 11   We are not Gemüsed: "Mario Kartoffel" - Comedy open stage with special guest Bob Slayer    21h 


  19 / 11   Sameheads Sinema: European road movies month # 3: "Landscape in the Mist" (1988) - Dir: Theo Angelopoulos     22h  



 20 / 11   Secret Accelerator Electro Jam with special live performance from Chikara Aoshima     21h   



 21 / 11     Mac DeMarco official after party with Dj Jason Harvey, Dj Dumpster, Dj Dance Bass    23h 



 22 / 11   Dimensione presents Dark Entries with special guest Bezier & Dimensione Dj's    23h  





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Q & A "Neukölln's Finest Pub Quiz" 


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